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"Wonderful site with great photos and information on all the weapons used during WWII. I enjoy playing the computer game company of heroes which features many of the same weapons and tanks. Great job, keep it going!"

"Well done site with excellent information on World War II. I have passed this along to some WWII veterans who found it very informative and historically correct. Best wishes."

"Hi Justin, You have a very well designed and defined site on WW2. I spent a half hour on your site, AWESOME. Your site and links upload in a flash. Awesome job well done!!"

"Great website dedicated to Germany in WWII. Lots of informative links and articles, replete with great visuals / photos. Fascinating and well done!"

"This site is dedicated to Germany and along with great sharing history information about world war. great"

"Nice site to learn WWII in German! This is a very nice design and easily navigated"

Ryoichi Mizuno
"Great site for the military enthusiast. Easy navigation and good use of images. Site loads fast and has enough content to keep the viewer interested. "

"I love how you have chosen a theme and created a blog around it. It's very unique and interesting. I don't know a lot about WW2 so I will be back to read more. Good work and good luck!"

"Great job! Features a comprehensive blog on WWII guns and weapons. Well organized. One minor suggestion is that certain pages on your blog have been moved and it's nice to alert the visitor where the new page is but would be best to make a seamless transition so visitors don't have click to the new page themselves. Please review our site. Feel free to also visit our shopping blog Or enter a FREE contest for a free gift AND a chance to promote your site at our latest blog"

"This site got my attention. I am quite fond of events that happened in WW-II. It's not a Nazi site and I will bookmark the site for future reading."

"I am a history buff, and this is right up my alley. This has to be one of the best detailed (great photos and specs) on WWII on the web!"

"Very good site about WW II, that's the way we keep constructing History today. Congratulations!"

"It's a very usfule site with a lot of unformation on all forms of weapons used in world war 2 very fassinating. I love it ^^"

"A site dedicated to WW II. Unfortunately a few links were missing or were moved but overall a nice collection of information which could be updated to capture a wider spectrum."

"Interesting site offering pictures of German weapons of WWII. Unfortunately many catagories were missing with a referal to other sites. However, available weapons had good pictures with useful side comments. "

"Interesting page about Germany during WW2. Nice collection of weapon pics."

"Really enjoyed going through your site. My 13 yr old son is really into all things war related especially WWII so I am going to bookmark the page to show to him. I think he will really enjoy it as well. Very clean look and well organized."

"Interesting website with a collection of links (articles/photos) detailing each nations' involvement in WWII. When we think of World War II, we often only think of the nations of Great Britain, United State, Soviet Union...versus Germany, Italy and Japan. But, it really was a WORLD war. So many nations in Europe had to take a side - Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary...and also, let's not forget the allied contributions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. The only thing I would suggest is that you think about some ways to make your links more appealing - right now they are just the standard blue line under the text. Link buttons with a narrative are always a plus. Just a thought. "

"As a history buff, I truly enjoyed the information on your site. Though graphic heavy, it loaded quite fast for me. You do have several links that have been moved to other locations. I could not tell if that was an indication of a future site move as a whole, or not, but it is something I would address as it interupts the flow."

"Great site! Loads well and looks great. Good content. Both interesting and educatonal. Wishing u much success with this site in the future!"

"Interesting and informative site about the dealings and military strategies during WW II. I am a history buff, and this is a great site. Best wishes."

"Very interesting site. You've covered all of the German weapons quite extensively. As a fan of all things WWII, I enjoyed the graphics very much. Keep up the great work. "

"Great site! Loved the content and found it easy on the eye. Layout and graphics load well and the site itself is easy to navigate. Overall I am sure that this site will prove to be popular. Well done and keep it up! Good luck and best wishes with this site in the future.. "

"Wow! Your site is awesome! I love how you made some many sites to cover all World War 2. It's like going to a museum; great job."

Image Center
"I like your site. I've always been curious about military equipment used by other countries. My dad was a WWII vet. He tried to bring back a few things that the US confiscated and never returned."

"I especially liked looking at the flags of all the countries involved, way better than a huge wall of text"

"Your site is so different..but interesting.The Panzer tanks are a machine that is just ahead of its time during WW2."

"Very interesting site you have. I can't imagine the amount of research you have to do. It must truly be a labor of love. Keep up the good work."

"World War II buffs would love this site. When navigating, you have a lot of info that has been moved to other sites which I think you need to address. Good luck."

"Although many of your links have been moved to other pages because of space, your content is excellent. You wish to show people the military equipment and vehicles utilized during World War II. Keep up the good work."

"A very interesting website and I think you did a great job. World war 2 could not have been a better topic. great job and thanks for sharing :)"

"Nicely done. There's so much room for expansion that I will definitely be coming back. Very interesting subject. I'm just so happy I never had to face a King Tiger!!"

"Wow ! Fantastic site for the World War II history buff. Your site is very professional looking - museum quality. Content is well written with exceptional photo's. Enjoyed your site very much. Best Wishes!"

Michael and Pamela
"Nicely done website, very clean presentation and great collection of concise, precise information. Keep it up!"

"Very nice, and informative site. Huge amount of information (although some of the pages are missing ...), and quality photos."

"great site, I am not into German arms but I know how superior some were to Americans. This site does very well"

"I loved the site. I feel that black and white photos produce a sincerity, somehow. I think you should add a photo stream to, further, visually stimulate your visitors. You can make a free, and awesome, one at photo bucket. By using the photo stream, and whatever design you choose, you can tell a story without words."

Breakout Betty
"Good site. Preserving history is very important and most people think everything looks like ours in the U.S. Good photos, keep up the good work."

"good site with very nicely placed data loads fast"

"Basically I like history of all other country.. Except mine, they change and cover up a lot of stuffs, resulting into a distorted and mind erasing type of education."

"Interesting site. Very informative. You have some great images. My brother is a collector of WWII memorabilia. He would love this site. The gun page was quite interesting. Loads quickly and navigates well. Nice work ! Pat"

"very interesting web site and very good information to the historians that are out there.The germans were very cutting edge in there weapontry at that point intime in history from missels to the early jet plain."

"Hey, your site is really good too! Full of information, well placed and fast loading. Have no any negative comments about it :)"

"Great site for imfo on WWII. It was fast loading and easy to get around on. Good luck and have a nice day."

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